Small businesses pushing demand for office space in London

With the increasing trend of freelancing and a sharp boost in the entrepreneurial spirit and environment throughout developed countries of the world, there is a trend towards being your boss and living your own dream, instead of working for others (sometimes tirelessly!). Many are now more adventurous and willing to take risks, thus the thriving start-up market that we see. Consequently, small businesses have been established by many people from different corners of the globe in London as it is one of the world’s most profitable business hubs. London offers a great diversity of prospective clients, it is a pool for potential investors and there are plenty of opportunities in which to take advantage. With the increasing number of such small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures, there is absolute need of office space for new starters in business, especially in the inner city of London, i.e.  Shoreditch.

The Brew has solved the problem for the need of affordable office spaces in London. You could be a start-up entrepreneur, freelancer, sole trader, satellite, or a small business and The Brew will have something exactly for your needs. Co-working spaces offer a good value for money because they can be foundations for business growth too. The Brew offers clients office spaces that are shared and in a co-working environment. The Brew has been doing so for over four years and now runs five co-working spaces in London. If you wish to open a business, here you can easily avail space with a reasonable all-inclusive price, fabulous working environment, and shared offices. It’s become easier for businesses to market themselves, consume consultancy services, and much more with cost-effective prices. Moreover, the shared offices offers relationships with other businesses that can blossom into social connections or new associates and contracts.

Shared offices are the most cost-effective solution for office space problems that many start-ups and small businesses face. This is the latest growing trend that is being followed by plenty of big multinational, IT and tech companies as well, because you will have access to purpose built shared services which are more costly in conventional office space. Shared offices also give small businesses the opportunity to merge with larger organisations and network with their employees which can help build strong business connections and increase revenues. Co-working spaces do not only reduce your expenses, but they also create friendly environments with other workers in the shared office.

For example, if you were to launch a motivational workshop for your office, you can share the promotion within your shared office environment – which provides for greater opportunities to market your products and services. With co-working and desk space rental, there is always a win-win situation. Co-working can also be a more productive option compared to traditional office spaces because they foster a livelier environment, where people can bounce ideas off one another to generate newer, fresher opportunities for their business.

Looking for serviced offices in London that are self contained? Please check out The Brew's new options for private offices - all the benefits of coworking with a secure, lockable office!