“I am very impressed with the food and a good range of craft beer. There was an excellent range of people, and they were very interesting. I’ve got what I wanted- to be inspired! Overall, very impressive.”

Lisa a Private Banker

“It was really good, really nice, very inspiring speakers in a relaxed, comfortable environment. It was good to hear people from both sides: the entrepreneur and the investor.”

Will from Ogilvy and Mather

“A really interesting evening. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Both the guest speakers were very good, very articulate, and they shared their personal experiences in entrepreneurship.”

Dhana from Citizen Guild

 “The guest speakers were fantastic! As a small business, it was interesting to hear about when the turning point is in giving it your all and making that leap. It was a good opportunity to network
with like-minded businesses in an informal, relaxed atmosphere. No one here is in suits, throwing their business cards around.”

Tom from SeeVue

 “Some very interesting points were raised, I would recommend it. And free beer is always a winner.”

Jon from Enoch Photography

“Very informative. The first guy was really great.”

Gideon from CollectiveBuy

“Awesome. I’m inspired! It’s always amazing to see people with drive and dedication. This is the first networking evening I’ve been to and it’s great to hear about how to overcome the challenges.”

David from Burton Wode