Five tipples for hosting a
spiffing drinks reception!

1) Fail to prepare – prepare to FAIL!

This may sound like something a boring relative might say, whilst wagging a finger and looking condescendingly at you, but unfortunately it’s totally true! Always bring your own bottle opener and make sure you ask the venue to have two on site. Double check the venue’s glasses policy – they may charge you for breakages or they may only provide plastic cups when you really need highball tumblers. And always ask them to let you chill your drinks for three hours before you need to serve them. The Devil’s in the Details!

2) H20 running low is a no-go.

Go heavy on the soft drinks. You can bet your bottom dollar there will be one person who starts downing Merlot five minutes into the event, but most people aren’t there JUST for the free booze! Anticipate that everyone will have at least one glass of chilled still or sparkling water over the course of the event and you’ll be grateful you did when it comes to clearing up!

3) Oops – a – daisy, where are the marigolds?
Even the most civilised drinks receptions have the odd spillage. It’s all fun and games till someone smashes a champagne flute. Check with your venue in advance that they have an easily accessible events cleaning pack. This should include rubber gloves, blue roll, cleaning spray and a dustpan and brush. You’ll also want to know where the finished bottles are going to go – make sure they’re being recycled and not into the landfill!

4) Tech Rehearsal = Essential.
In every event, no matter how experienced or prepared you are, as luck would have it – something will go wrong. As the digital world advances faster than the speed of light (or The Brew’s event space Wi-Fi hub!) so does the way we host events. No matter what tech you’re using for your event – always pop down and ask for a quick ‘tech check’ to run over your digital running order. All friendly venues will find you 15mins, a couple of hours before your event to ensure everything goes as smoothly as our 200mb wired internet connection!

5) Finito – Everybody out!
Timing is everything and expectation management is crucial. Look after future you and clearly state a finishing time for your event. Bring up the lights half an hour before you need to vacate the venue and lobby some more familiar guests to help you get everyone to drink up. Do your research and find a bar near your event venue that will still be serving after your event finishes. Start the rumour of an after party delegation and send everyone there for one (or ten) more drinks. You can join them if you want, or grab a cab home, get your onesie on and catch up on Game of Thrones!

Article posted 21/03/2016 by Lola McEvoy, Venue Sales and Events Manager, The Brew Eagle House


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  Four Must-Do's to Pack Out

Your Next Free Event!

We all do it: RSVP to a free event and then flake last minute. Here’s four ways to ensure your audience are queuing down the street for your free event!


1) Network with the Networks.

Whatever the event, no matter how niche the subject or topic is, there WILL be a network of people interested in attending (honest!). The easiest way to get people to attend is to find the key players in your target network, media partners, big names on social, bloggers and thought leaders, develop a relationship with them and ask them to pass on the invite, or better still get them to bring 5 people along!  To make sure you max out the guest list you need to be all over every events platform. Create an event digitally, on whichever platform gets the most traffic for you, and use every other platform to drive traffic to it. Ask your most prolific social media gurus to boost the event in their networks, you can even pay for some targeted advertising if it’s appropriate. Either way – go big on digital – everyone else is!


2) Max out your guest list.
Do whatever it takes to pump up the list of RSVPs – make sure your audience building strategy is carefully targeted but aim for a guest list of ‘RSVP YES’ that is twice the size of the minimum amount you need to make your event a success. 

People WILL cancel, their babysitter WILL bail, an epidemic of food poisoning and flu WILL infect some of your guests a few hours before your event – so make sure you’ve got a good cushion of numbers. 

(Minimum amount of guests needed) x 2 – 35% on the day drop off = Perfect Audience!



‘There’s no such thing as a free lunch’ they say – and they’re right! The hard truth of the matter is: In this day and age people’s time = money. You’re really busy, I’m really busy - we’re all REALLY BUSY. Respect the fact that your guests are taking time out of their incredibly packed schedule, and (probably) adding an extra journey to their day, by providing them with refreshments and something yummy! 

WHY? A) they’re more likely to say yes initially B) they’re more likely to come C) they’re more likely to enjoy themselves, come again, talk about you – in a GOOD way - and that’s worth spending some money on. 


4) Confirmation = Celebration.
Confirm, confirm, confirm and confirm again. Your guests are very important, time poor people. They get more traffic to their inbox per day than you have hot-dinners. Do them a favour and make sure they have all the information they need to stray from their beaten track and attend your free event. Send a confirmation 4 days before the event, then 2 days before the event, the evening before the day of the event and a few hours before the event - make sure there is no reason for anyone to forget that your event is taking place! Create and schedule these emails well in advance to ensure the week up to your event is plain sailing. Then kick back and relax as you host your best free event ever! 

Article posted 02/03/2016 by Lola McEvoy, Venue Sales and Events Manager, The Brew Eagle House


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Brand new website available with updated info and photos of all The Brew's co-working and private offices in Shoreditch!

Five Essential Tips for Your
Next Venue Showround

Viewing the venue is the only opportunity you have to visualise your event ‘live’ as well as get into the nitty gritty of the space’s spec, features and service. This two minute read gives you the handy hints on how to make the most of your visit to help you choose the best venue for your event. 


1) Is it clean as a whistle and does it smell fresh as a daisy?

This sounds simple, but it will make all the difference to your event! Always check: the surfaces have been wiped down; the loos are sparkling; and there aren’t any lingering or unpleasant smells. Even if this is already top of your list, paying extra attention will earn you brownie points with your client and/or boss. Plus, if the venue manager looks after their space, it’s more than likely they’ll look after you too!


Arrange a viewing of the Brew to see how clean as a whistle and smelling like daisies it is!


2) Has the venue had any previous events like yours – if not – why not?

A crafty venue manager will try to sell honey to a bumblebee, but be careful you’re not walking into a bear trap! If the venue hasn’t hosted events like yours, there may be a reason why not (unless they’re all brand new and shiny like The Brew). Ask the venue manager lots of questions and be direct – if they have a good reason and are keen to help adapt their venue to suit your needs, or if your event is really unusual, then great – if they try and squirm, you know it’s not right for you!


3) Have they got all the relevant technical bits and bobs?

So many events managers forget to check exactly what the technical specification (tech spec) of the space is until 15 minutes before the guests arrive. Avoid that on-the-day panic (as much as possible) by asking the venue manager to talk you through – in detail – the space’s tech spec. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification if they use over-complicated terminology, and ensure you talk them through exactly what you need and why you need it so you’re 100% sure they have it. Some venues will order in extra bits they don’t have in advance. Don’t forget to ask them to have it ready and set up before you arrive! 


4) Sniff out any hidden fees.

9 times out of 10 there will be a hidden fee that the venue haven’t told you about – ask them upfront if there are any additional costs involved – that way, you know exactly what you’re getting yourself in for. There might be a WIFI fee or a fee to hire the projector – some venues will even charge you to use the chairs. Be astute and don’t get caught out!


5) Do you like the venue manager?

If the venue manager can’t even be cheery and attentive to you before you’ve given them any cash – imagine how bad it will be on the day. Always make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed with your venue manager. If something goes wrong (or even if everything is going right), they’re going to be the one you call o. You need to be 100% confident that they’ll go above and beyond to make sure 


Article posted 28/01/2016 by Lola McEvoy, Venue Sales and Events Manager, The Brew Eagle House

Email Lola to see how we can help you with your next event! 

Tel: 020 7770 6279  

More details about The Brew Eagle House event space 

Brand new website available with updated info and photos of all The Brew's co-working and private offices in Shoreditch!

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