The Benefits of Co-working 

For the Freelancer/Individual

We've all been there, working in isolation at home, at a café or whatever we decide to call 'our office'.

And it works a lot of the time, but sometimes you feel like you're missing out socially, or that you never get any fresh air or that your back is sore from hunching over the coffee table.

Whatever your reasons are to get away from your current 'office' environment, we understand.

What's more, you've probably been looking for a shared office space for some time and nothing quite feels right.

Why get a desk space if it isn't as comfortable or as easy as where you are now. Exactly what we thought.


The Brew is a Creative Hub!

Whilst we all have our own businesses, the ability to bounce ideas off people, access a made-for-work environment and socialise at your leisure all contribute to your standard of living and the way in which you perform at work.

What's more, if you're new to setting up a business or don't know the area, we have people with a wealth of experience, lots of local knowledge regarding suppliers and are happy to help with business advice, should you require it.

Quite simply, co-working gives you all the benefits of an office in a relaxed and productive manner within a budget you can afford. You'll reap the benefits instantly!

Brand new website available with updated info and photos of all The Brew's co-working and private offices in Shoreditch!

For Small Businesses

Perhaps you have a small company and you're struggling to find a cheap office space London that is spacious and affordable.

A lot of offices for small businesses are like box rooms. As you're viewing them, you wonder how you'll all squeeze in - will it be claustrophobic? 

But to get space, you need to increase your budget, which is not always sensible - so what do you do?

At the brew, we understand small businesses' needs. In fact, we have helped develop many businesses that have now outgrown us! It's sad to see them leave, but we love that we provide a comfortable, spacious and good environment to work as it does wonders for team morale and productivity.

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